Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple
Founded in 1996, Lankaram Buddhist Temple (Sri Lanka Buddhist Association –Milano O.N.L.U.S)is a Temple of Theravada Buddhism.

Theravada Buddhism
The Theravada Buddhists believe that they practice the original form of Buddhism as it was handed down to them by Buddha. Theravada Buddhism dominates the culture of Sri Lanka, but is also very prominent in Thailand and Burma.

While Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, spent several decades teaching, none of his teachings were written down until several hundred years later. In the third century, Asoka, the great Mauryan emperor, converted to Buddhism and began to sponsor several monasteries throughout the country. He even sent missionaries out to various countries both east and west. During his reign, the teachings of Buddha spread all across India and Sri Lanka.
Disturbed by the prolific growth of Buddhist heresies, a council of Buddhist monks was convened at the Mauryan capital of Patna during the third century BC to purify the doctrine. What arose from that council, more or less, were the definitive teachings of Theravada Buddhism; from this point onwards, Theravada Buddhism undergoes little if any change

Establish a Buddhist society in Milan that is independent and supports spiritual and social needs.


provide for the betterment of the `Sambuddha Sasanaya' .
Provide co-operation and unity amongst Buddhists and Nations around the World.
Represent Buddhists Community in Italy and organize religious activities.
Dhamma Pasala’ is very special to Buddhists Children because they are taught the Buddha Dhamma.

The present chief incumbent Lankarama Vihara is
Olaboduwe Dammika Thero

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